Welcome to our Gokhale Education Society’s Sir. Dr. M. S. Gosavi Polytechnic Institute, Nashik Road, Nashik.

“A college with a difference.”

Our college is committed to impart quality technical education with ingrained ethical values. We are committed to instill inquisitiveness amongst all students who can acquire the necessary technical knowledge and skills. By encouraging learning through enquiry, logic and developing a fearless attitude towards the fulfillment of curiosity, true know how& skill-sets can be acquired. Our endeavor to catalyst change in imparting technical knowledge so as to differentiate out students from the rest is firmly embedded in our belief that 21st Century Engineer from this college would be a Lifelong learner, Critical Thinker and Leader of a change. We believe that a four-year Engineering Degree Course bestows.

“A License to Think, Think Logically & Critically”

A trained technical mind of progressive engineer must try to find answers to the following simple questions:-
1) Why? 2) What? 3) How? about everything.

Why it is so?

Why it happens?

What are the reasons and what is the science behind it?

How can we apply the same in solving the problem of mankind or creating something useful for all?

The answers to the above simple questions can only be achieved with Hard work, Rigorous Pursuit of knowledge, Technical efforts, Disciplined Approach towards achieving our aim & objectives.

Come, Let us work towards achieving our aim of becoming;

“Value Embedded Quality, Global Engineer”

Founder Principal of GES’s Sir Dr. M.S. Gosavi  Polytechnic Institute Nashik Road, Nashik.  

Director(Project) of Gokhale Education Society.