Sir Dr. M. S. Gosavi Polytechnic Institute, Nashik Road celebrates a century of the existence of Gokhale Education Society giving enriching satisfaction to one and all concerned. I wish, the spirit and the essence be maintained by all those who matter. Technical Education imparted to every student in the discipline of Engineering & Technology must be conducive to the interest and needs of learners and allow them to make significant innovations and provide respect and dignity as individuals, capable of not only effectively employable but in addition make them entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The whole world is rapidly changing and science, technology and alternate resources are fast advancing creating need for learners to have updated knowledge in areas of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Communication, 3D Printing, Internet of Things and Robotics, Nano Technology, Design Engineering & Systems Management. India must, therefore, create for each such learner to have personal enrichment, professional advancement & competence of effective involvement and participation. Choice, Challenge, Collaboration and Control in teaching must allow educator to expose learners to varied tasks through seminars, exhibitions, workshops, symposia and project work. I congratulate Sir Dr. M. S. Gosavi Polytechnic Institute for organizing 2 MSBTE sponsored Faculty Development Programmes and incorporating important research contribution of experts and the experienced in the field of knowledge. Transparency, excellence and inclusiveness coupled with innovation should be the guiding start for making learners personality holistic. The College has succeeded in creating learning environment, effective use of resources and enabling every student to become India’s future technical & ethical leader.

All The best for future & more!

Sir Dr. M.S. Gosavi